About Us

When Isabelle tasted a bar of fine flavor chocolate in the autumn of 2010, she couldn't grasp what made all the difference. For years she had thought Belgium produced the finest chocolates in the world, yet here was this French chocolate that just blew her away. She started digging a little deeper and discovered it was like falling into the rabbit-hole: a whole new world opened up to her.

Gradually she began giving tastings and pairings, in the meantime visiting plantations and chocolate makers. As people wanted to take the chocolates they had tasted home, Isabelle also started distributing and importing chocolates.

Tom met Isabelle in the summer of 2015 and rapidly learnt about these magical chocolates. When they were visiting Colombia in April 2016, the idea came up to make their own chocolate, so that's what they did: in November 2016 Gusta was presented. In november 2017 Isabelle and Tom will be presenting three new chocolates.