We make chocolate

We make chocolate. And that's more special than you might think. Making your own chocolate allows you to add more soul, more flavour. In the chocolate we make, you can taste the cocoa beans we buy directly from Colombian farmers. That makes it both more interesting and more delicious. It's the origin, fermentation, roasting, and the subtle acids and bitters that give our simple recipe its delicious depth of flavour. Our love for chocolate flows from bean to bar.

Bean to bar and beyond

We want our chocolate not only to taste good, but also to be good. Good for people and the environment, without sacrificing flavour. From the final taste to the production process, everything has to be just right. So, we insist on agroforestry farming. We pay fair wages, and work with people who respect nature. Our cocoa beans come to us by sailing cargo ship, and we keep everything vegan. Above all, our goal is to do better every day.